Choose the right knots!

As you camp more often, there are knots that you will come to depend on for each situation. Setting up tents and tarps, putting up static lines, or lashing things to your backpack becomes second nature once you are comfortable tying a few basic knots. There are hundreds of knots and each has a specific…

Emergency Signals Video

Join us today as we talk about how to use emergency signals, for when you’re truly lost.

Outdoor Etiquette Video

For this weeks video, we wanted to talk over something we’re very passionate about, Outdoor Etiquette. And share a poem called “The Man in the Glass” that helps us remember to be the best we can be. Enjoy!

Have you ever been seriously lost?

I think I’m a pretty well-prepared person who plans ahead, but, well, I’ve been lost and here’s the story! On one hunting trip, my plan was to get dropped off at a trail head before sunrise, leave the trail and follow the ridgeline (for about an hour), and find a spot overlooking a basin. I…

Outdoor Etiquette

Many years ago, I camped in a place that became special to me because of the experiences I had there. It was beautiful, remote, and serene. Years later, I returned to the same place and was sorely disappointed to find that the campsite and surrounding area was trashed by some irresponsible people. I was angry,…