Choose the right knots!

As you camp more often, there are knots that you will come to depend on for each situation.

Setting up tents and tarps, putting up static lines, or lashing things to your backpack becomes second nature once you are comfortable tying a few basic knots.

There are hundreds of knots and each has a specific application. Some are difficult to learn and some are simple. For me, it is very satisfying to see a properly tied knot!

We think it might be helpful to put together a list of knots we commonly use for camping with a short example showing where each one might be used. Please check out our videos on YouTube or head on over to our videos section of the website to watch step by step instructions as to how to tie each one. Here we go!

The Knots!

Square knot: One of the first knots most people learn and it is probably the most common knot used to tie two ropes of the same diameter together.

Fisherman’s knot: This knot will securely tie two ropes or fishing lines of the same diameter together.

Sheet bend: This is used to tie two ropes of different diameters together.

Truckers Knot: This knot creates leverage and is designed to add tension to your line. It will synch it up your rope more tightly than you could do by hand. It is commonly used to secure tarps over loads, securely tie objects to your pack, or make a static line tight.

Double Half Hitch: Used to secure your line to a solid object or to finish off the Truckers knot.

Taut line hitch: This knot is commonly used on a guy line from the tents’ rainfly. The knot is tied around the guy line and will slide when pulled tight. It will then will hold its position keeping the line tight.

Bow line: This knot creates a loop that will not slip. A small loop in the rope creates a great hand hold. A larger loop can be passed around the body and be helpful in a rescue situation.

This list is simply a selection of basic knots to start with. Don’t get intimidated by the number of knots available. Just select a few to learn and start from there. It will increase your confidence when you’re camping!

Have fun and happy camping!

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