7 Outdoor Winter Activities!

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy!

Aside from the things we talk about on the regular (camping, fishing, hiking) there are plenty of fun things to do outside. Remember there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing. Here are some of our favorite winter activities:

Build a fort!

When it starts to snow, one of my favorite things to do is build a fort. The best part is, you don’t need any special tools, and it can last as a fun play place all winter! Pro tip: If you want your fort to last longer, and be more sturdy, pack your snow TIGHT and you can even spray water on the sides so it freezes together.


One of the best parts of snow, is finding a good hill to tube down! Not only is tubing a fun rush, but you can replace your tube for cardboard and have makeshift cardboard sleds as well! Pro Tip: Call your local tire shops, a lot of times they will be getting rid of tire tubes that have issues, but are still ok to be used on a snow hill!

Frozen Bubbles!

Did you know, if you blow bubbles outside when the weather is below 32 degrees, they’ll freeze right on your wand! This is a fun activity for the younger ones!

Maple Syrup Snow Candy

You read that right! You can make maple syrup candy in the snow, which is a lot like a taffy! Just follow these simple instructions on HappyHooligans.ca

Snow Ball Fight!

A snowy tradition! Snow ball fights are always a staple of cold weather seasons. Just make sure you’re only playing with those who wanted to be a part of the fun!


There’s nothing better on a cool winter night than a warm bonfire! If you need a few tips on how to make your fire, check out our video here. Memories are created while sitting around a fire with friends and family, and if you’re hungry, easy dinners can be created too! Try out tinfoil dinners, they’re easy and delicious!

Find Animal Tracks!

Animal tracking is a fun activity! In a fresh snow fall, tracks are a lot easier to spot! You can find a lot of track guides online for what’s in your local area!

Take a Drive to See the Lights

A lot of places will decorate during the winter holidays, and have magical displays that you can enjoy at night. There’s nothing like creating a memory with family than going to see the lights in your area!

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Let us know what your favorite winter activities are in the comments!

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