Come on people….relax!

The camping season is upon us

It’s time to lock in your camping dates and reserve your campsites! But then what? Relax!

Part of the fun of camping for me, is a very loose schedule of events. In our very busy lives, we tend to over schedule and pack in as much as we can in the time allotted. If we’re not careful, we forget to relax and that same attitude can flow over into our camping plans. It’s as if we’re trying to “win the vacation!”

Everyone has their vision of the perfect camping experience. If you love the idea of spending the whole time relaxing in a well-worn camp chair, sitting by a fire, recharging your batteries, then enjoy it, guilt-free!

I enjoy that as much as anyone but that’s not to say that our camping trips are void of activities, far from it. We just have a list of things that we (might) want to do and then we pick and choose the time we want to do them. There is no pressure to get up and get at it. (unless of course the fish are jumping!)

When camping, the list of “things I have to do” largely revolves around my appetite! When we’re starting to get hungry, it’s time to start breaking out the food!

Here are a few things on our “might want to do” list that may also sound fun to you.

Day time activities to help you relax:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Wildlife watching
  • Early morning yoga
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Photo scavenger hunt
  • Cornhole or Horseshoes
  • Board games
  • Crafts
  • Kite flying
  • Mountain biking
  • Fishing
  • Musical instruments
  • Campfire cooking
  • Dutch Oven cooking

Relax with evening activities:

  • Marshmallow roasting
  • Star gazing and astronomy
  • “Who Dun it” mystery game around the campfire
  • Campfire stories
  • Sing alongs

With a little planning and forethought (you might want to check out our videos!) , you will make memories that will last a lifetime!

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