Does Your Canoeing Trip Have Heart?

person canoeing in body of water between islands
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Every canoeing adventure should not only include physical challenges, beautiful waterways and landscapes, but also have something that will leave an impression on the heart.

Those of us that have been on many canoeing trips understand that memories are made just by participating. At the end of a day of paddling, each person has their own personal story of mastering the waves (or not!), swamping their canoe, or winning the water fight. Meals, camping, skipping rocks, or a hundred other things leave us with memories that we will share for years.

Why not be intentional about creating memories that also touch the heart and bring additional meaning to life?

Consider these simple ideas to add heart to your canoeing adventure:

  • Find interesting facts about the history of the area that can be shared to enhance the appreciation for the things you are seeing and experiencing. These can be shared while canoeing or at the campfire in the evening.
  • Are you into geology? What formed the rivers, lakes, or waterways we are enjoying?
  • How about nature? Can you point out native plants, species of birds, or animals you might see?
  • Do you, or does someone in your group, love astronomy? A starry night can be a magical experience that is made more memorable by pointing out stars and constellations.
  • If you’re with a group of friends, having a list of interesting topics can make for great discussions as the camp fire burns down.
  • If you’re with your family, you will find plenty of teaching moments. Perhaps you can share a few words about how tandem canoeing and working together is as important in a canoe as it is in life. No need for a long sermon. They’ll get it!

In addition to planning the physical adventures you are having, take time to plan items of discussion that will make the trip more memorable. On top of that, always make sure you’re prepared! Check out our videos page to find all sorts of good info for your next outing.

So, kick your planning up a notch and don’t just wait for memories to materialize, make them happen!

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