Camping hacks that you may not have considered!

When planning your next camping trip, we have some camping hacks you may want to consider by putting these items on your packing list. After using them a few times, you won’t leave home without them!

Duct tape

  • Temporary patch for a hole in a tent or tent floor
  • Splint a broken tent pole with duct tape and a tree limb
  • Temporarily patch a hole in your boat or float tube
  • Repair a leaky water bottle

Garbage bags

  • Garbage (of course!)
  • Emergency rain coat
  • Dirty clothes
  • Keep one inside the tent for dirty shoes. It will help keep the tent floor clean.
  • Change into slippers for walking around the tent
  • Wet or muddy shoes go into a small garbage bag for transport home

Ziplock baggies

  • Quart sized freezer baggie for a roll of toilet paper to keep it clean and dry
  • Pull the cardboard from the center of the roll
  • Extend the paper from the center
  • Gallon size or larger to pack clothes before placing in your pack or duffle bag
  • Separate bags for underwear, socks, pants, shirts, and toiletries
  • Keeps all clothing dry
  • Easy access and convenience

Collapsible clothes hamper or garbage can with garbage bag liner

  • Easy to pack and transport
  • Convenient for collecting garbage around your picnic table, cook stove, and campsite

Extra rope or paracord

  • Emergency tent support
  • Keep tarps stretched tight
  • Clotheslines
  • **Remember the clothes pins for clothes and towels**

Surveyors tape (plastic non-sticky) tape that comes in various bright colors

  • Tie onto tent and tarp lines to make them more visible

Portable Solar panel with battery pack

  • To recharge lights
  • Recharge your phones
  • Keep your GPS recharged

Fire starters – the basics plus a few things you may never have heard about

  • Matches stored in a Tupperware container with a strip of sandpaper glued to the top for striking
  • Lighters
  • Cardboard egg carton with a few briquets will assist in getting your fire going
  • Doritos, delicious to eat and they’ll hold a flame!
  • Flint and steel

Washing machine made with a plunger and bucket

  • Cut a hole in the lid for the plunger handle to extend through
  • Add clothes, water, and soap
  • Close the lid and plunge away!
  • Change water for rinse cycle
  • Hang clothes to dry!

Camping should be fun and comfortable. You can find more outdoor tips in our videos section, and hopefully these tips will help you do both!

Happy Camping!

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