Cold Weather Camping Hacks!

The weather is changing and I’ve been thinking about camping and staying warm! Here are a few ideas that I use to stay warm when it’s time to crawl in the tent and hit the sack.

Start with a hot meal to keep the insides warm. Remember that warmth is created by body heat and body heat is retained by layers.

Wear your clothes to bed BUT, change ALL of your clothes prior to getting in your sleeping bag to eliminate any moisture which will make you cold. Your body is a radiator so protect the areas that release heat. (head, feet, and joints) Wear a beanie, warm socks, and warm, comfortable, sleeping gear.

Battery powered warmers are great and can be paced in your sleeping bag. I like one at my feet and one around the mid section. They can increase your comfort level a lot!

Now get out there and enjoy the cold weather camping season!

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